Jädraås Art is a residency in progress and up coming site for presentations of contemporary art in the center of The Swedish country Side 2 1/2 hrs car drive or 2 hrs train ride north of the capital Stockholm, in the Region of Gävleborg.

The project is situated in the rural village of Jädraås in an former furniture factory and shop,  Grönbergs Möbler. During 2016 the two founders artist Catrin Andersson and gallerist Ola Gustafsson are doing a pilot study for the project with the aim to launch a series of residency in 2017/18.

The first project is a networking meeting with arts professionals from all over the Region in Gävleborg in September 2016. The project is then researching the local, national and international possibilities for the project and the development of the buildings.

The founders

Catrin Andersson an artist based in Jädraås and Stockholm, Sweden. Educated in Edinburgh, Scotland and Vancouver, Canada

Ola Gustafsson a gallerist, running a gallery in Stockholm, Sweden and before that in the city of Malmö in the South of Sweden.

With support from Kulturutveckling Region Gävleborg


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